“Vulnerability is the capacity or susceptibility to being hurt. The word vulnerable is also synonymous with the words openness and exposure. When a person is truly vulnerable, there is an unobstructed entrance or view to the person’s heart, being and soul. In the strongest or most enlightened person, there is no protecting or concealing cover because the person needs none. Such people carry themselves in full view of others because they are not afraid of being hurt, because they are not afraid to suffer.”

We want to be perfect, we want our children to be perfect, we want our life to be perfect,  we pretend what we do to be perfect, we tend to control and predict, we avoid taking risks , we have fears for the unknown.
 We make the uncertain certain and then we blame others for everything is not working as we expect.
It is time to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions.
When we find our voice, and we know who we are,  accepting  that what happens to us is our 100% responsibility! Many of the challenges we are facing now are results of  choices we made consciously or unconsciously that dictated the flows of the consequences see as, not in our control.
We can’t change the past, but we can control how we see our past.
There is a magical moment when we expose our  weakness, have the courage to tell our story, accept to be imperfect and  have compassion for yourself,  at that moment we build a connection.
When we embrace vulnerability, we have the sense of belonging.
We often believe: “we are not good enough!” that is how we cover up.
Let you go who you should be!
We reach a level where we are not willing to do something first, do the first step. We forgot how to initiate sex with our partner, how to give affection to the beloveds, how to ask for help, how to ask silly questions, we created that sense of perfectness choking your emotions.
Let yourself be seen!
Practise gratitude and joy!
Yes!! I am good enough
And stop screaming and start listening.

Renato Moreira – Business Coach

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