International Leadership Training

Developing yourself as a leader. To become a leader that is self-confident in leadership and is congruent in leading teams and organisations. This unique leadership training gives you skills to lead teams, become an inspiring leader, being able to get the best out of people and learn all about nurturing talents as well creating better relationships and managing time and leading with complex changes. An inspiring and motivating training full of unique experiences and new insights.

This training is designed for leaders in an international context!
* advanced leadership skills
* personality types
* the power of non verbal communication
* creative leadership thinking
* dealing with people
* emotional curves, types and emotions in business
* how to create a good development plan for people and myself
* advanced coaching skills
* leadership styles
* flexibility and non-flexibility in leadership styles
* principles of excellence
* negotiating skills
* how to create goals and intentions
* time management
* stress management
* motivating employees in times of change
* leading in different cultures.
You will have the following benefits:
* increase your leadership skills for an international context
* create better relationships
* learn the structure and secrets to be a motivating leader
* better deal with pressure and external demand
* how to influence people and take the best of them
* being able to manage talent
* leading different personality types
* feeling more comfortable being a leader
* developing excellence in talent and high performers
* becoming an excellent negotiator
* influencing stakeholders and upgrading your seniority
* developing your organisation in times of change and reorganisation
* motivating your team in new and creative ways